2017 Total Solar Eclipse through East Tennessee

This is an event not to be missed!

On August 21, 2017, America will be treated to its first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years. It is being referred to as a "national eclipse" since it will pass from Oregon to South Carolina and be visible along a path 67 miles wide. The total eclipse of the sun will sweep across the United States from approximately 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm, but will only impact the East Tennessee portion of the Tennessee River Valley from 2:25 pm and 2:40 pm (eastern time).

This rare opportunity (the last one to affect the U.S. was in 1979) will involve the Moon passing between the Earth and the Sun...day will turn to night for almost three minutes. You can calculate the exact details for your location here

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Latitude: 36.260416 Longitude: -84.517829 Elevation: 1710 ft

Event Dates

8/21/2017 – 8/21/2017

How to Get There

There are 20 Tennessee state parks falling along the "path of totality." Look here for "Total Eclipse in the Park" celebrations the weekend prior and consider one of these parks for viewing the eclipse on August 21:


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