ADOPT-A-PARK is a volunteer program that recruits and trains citizens to assist in the general care, supervision, and maintenance of neighborhood parks and greenways. Adoption will augment, rather than replace, publicly funded maintenance and will have a significant impact on the quality of life in our community.

The program is an opportunity for businesses, community groups, families, and civic-minded individuals to lend a hand in the preservation and beautification of our county parkland. It helps educate the public about the importance of providing clean and safe parkland and trails for everyone’s enjoyment. Volunteers are asked to perform tasks at their location a minimum of twice per month.

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Latitude: 35.955387 Longitude: -83.955327 Elevation: 885 ft
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Types of Volunteer Work Needed

Park and trail maintenance.

Special Skills that May be Required or Helpful

No special skills required.

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