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On March 4, 2016, North Alabama lost one of its beloved icons, ninth-generation potter Jerry Brown.  In business since 1982, Jerry Brown Pottery is a top destination for tourists with people traveling from all across the United States to see his masterpieces, his mule Blue, and the primitive groundhog kiln, which is considered to be the only operating mule-powered mill in the United States.

Brown’s Pottery and Sons features the works of Jerry’s two sons, grandchildren and his wife, Sandra who worked side by side with her late husband for decades.  Raised and trained by Jerry Brown, Jeff “Bubba” Wilburn and “Big Jeff” Brown are recognized as 10th generation potters by the state arts council.  They continue to dig the clay from their land, ground it, turn it and fire it, just as Jerry did for so many years.

Jerry Brown, a ninth generation potter whose work can be found in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. Brown was awarded the National Heritage Fellowship in 1992, as well as receiving numerous merit awards, and in 2003, he was awarded the Alabama Heritage Award from the Alabama Arts Council.

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Latitude: 34.13476 Longitude: -88.041718 Elevation: 635 ft
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