Buy Local Food and Drink

Shine and Wine

There’s a long history of moonshine in the hills and hollers of the Tennessee River Valley, but did you know that this land is also fantastic for growing grapes? From Southwest Virginia, along the high country of Western North Carolina, among the ridges and valleys of East Tennessee, North Georgia and North Alabama, and into the fertile lands of West Tennessee, you can find wines vinted from unique varietals that thrive in our climate including muscadines, our native grape!

Local Flavors Abound

If you are anything like us, when you travel, you want to learn a little about those that live there, right? Well, one sure fire way to do that is to eat food made by locals! Not only does more of your money stay in the local economy this way, but you learn something about the heritage and hospitality of the people. The Tennessee River Valley is a foodie’s delight…there’s comfort food, barbecue, bacon…some good eats to be had, for sure! And we didn’t even talk about dessert, yet! Our goal with the MapGuide is to share the restaurants and markets that offer unique culinary opportunities not found everywhere else.

How to Find More Local Food and Drink

Search the MapGuide under “Things to Do > Food or Drink” for local farmers’ markets and farm stores, and peruse the restaurants, wineries, breweries, and distilleries with the filters the interactive map offers.