Cedar Grove Iron Furnace

Tennessee is dotted with huge, iron furnaces, but this one is unique because it is a double stack. Built in 1834, the Cedar Grove Iron Furnace once employed over 120 workers turning out 1,800 tons of pig metal in 1850.  Iron was extracted and hauled two miles west to Cedar Creek Landing on the Tennessee River and shipped throughout the South.  During the Civil War, the furnace was shelled by Union gunboats and production stopped soon thereafter.  Cedar Grove Furnace was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and is the only remaining double stack charcoal furnace within the Western Highland Rim region of Middle Tennessee. 

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Latitude: 35.558882 Longitude: -87.961133 Elevation: 423 ft

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Open during daylight hours.

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Open year-round.

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The furnace sits on uneven ground but is easliey viewed from the road.

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Cedar Grove Iron Furnace is located five miles south of Highway 412 in Linden, Tennessee.

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