Chattanooga Skydiving Adventures

Fulfill your dream of becoming a licensed skydiver with our Chattanooga Skydiving Adventures freefall Program. You'll be soaring the skies either Tandem with an instructor or solo and saving money on future jumps. Chattanooga Skydiving Adventures Accelerated Freefall school serving Chattanooga is your fast-track option to own a piece of the sky!

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Latitude: 35.154414 Longitude: -84.874698 Elevation: 837 ft
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Number and Locations of Launch Points


Best Access and Parking Areas

Parking is plentiful and available free of charge.

Best Seasons for Hang- or Paragliding

All Year

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are welcome

How to Get There

Take a leap, literally, by contacting Chattanooga Skydiving Adventures to book your extraordinary skydiving adventure! Our friendly staff is ready to answer your call, calm your nerves, and assure you have the time of your life when booking your skydiving adventure with Chattanooga Skydiving Adventures. What are you waiting for? The sky is calling your name, and your sense of adventure is yearning to answer the call! 

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