Ebbing and Flowing Spring

Ebbing and Flowing Spring is one of only TWO known in the world with its peculiar "tidal" characteristics. The process takes 2 hours and 47 minutes, ranging from an indiscernible trickle to a flow of 500 gallons per minute. Maintaining a constant 34 degree temperature, the spring has never been seen frozen over. Not to mention, the Spring is said to have, as legend puts it, romantic powers. Any couple drinking from the Spring at the height of its flow will marry within the next year. In fact, the flat rock nearby has been the sight of many dates and marriage proposals over the years.

Ebbing and Flowing Spring School was built in the early 1800's by families of its first students, who cut trees from their own land and built it with their own hands. The dismissal bell for the school rang for the last time in 1956, when enrollment was only 18 students of the 20 required by the school board.

The congregants of Ebbing and Flowing Spring United Methodist Church, organized in 1820, met in the school until James Amis donated land between the school and the cemetery to build a church. There was one stipulation - it had to face the grave of his mother, Matilda Lee Amis. Built in 1898 and still meeting regularly, it stand with its original timbers and interior, beautiful with patina only age can produce. Stay a while, look around. Go wading - it's good for the soul.


Latitude: 36.4336781 Longitude: -82.968829 Elevation: 1276 ft
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