Freight House

Freight House, a farm-to-table restaurant in Paducah, serves up traditional Southern flavors, paired with locally-sourced meats and garden fresh fare. Make a reservation and enjoy food the way it was intended to be season. Freight House Paducah features a full bar and with a staggering selection of bourbons, as well as a seasonal rotation of cocktails and craft beer. They serve Kentucky Blue Snapper sourced from the region's rivers.

The building that houses the restaurant was originally a freight depot, transferring goods and produce from the railroad, just as The Freight House provides farm-to-table produce to diners.

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Latitude: 37.084792 Longitude: -88.594912 Elevation: 338 ft
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Hours Open

Open 5-10 pm, Tuesday-Saturday.

Seasons Open

Open all year

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