Henegar House

Henry Benton Henegar served as wagonmaster and secretary under Chief John Ross and accompanied the Cherokee on their removal to the west. Henegar returned to Charleston and constructed his brick, Federal Style home in 1849. He and his wife Margaret Lea Henegar are buried with their family at Historic Ft. Hill Cemetery in Cleveland. The home (NR Listed 1976) was constructed at the military barracks of Fort Cass. During the Civil War, the home was used as headquarters for Confederate and Union generals including Gen. William T. Sherman. It is on the porch of this home that Sherman advised Mrs. Henegar to leave the South. She replied that this was her home and she would not leave. Sherman warned that when he was finished with the South, not even a bird would live there.  This site is an official site on the civilwartrails.org program.

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Latitude: 35.286576 Longitude: -84.754811 Elevation: 700 ft
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Hours Open

Private Residence. View from Street. Interpretive sign.

Time Period Represented

1849 - present

How to Get There

428 Market Street, Charleston , TN

From I-75, take exit 33 and travel east toward Charleston. Turn left on US Hwy 11. In less than a mile, fork to the right onto Market Street (Historic Hwy 11). Travel for about a mile and the Henegar House will be on the right.


Very interesting part of Civil War history that I am just learning. Our friends, Joe and Karen, portray Margaret Henegar and General Sherman. I like Margaret; she was a strong woman who stood her ground and would not leave her home.

Rosalie, 9/30/2012

live thear

niny, 2/8/2016


yoto, 2/8/2016

Tell me the price? Henegar House is a private residence. Please view from street and read the interpretive sign.

JOOGIE, 3/22/2019

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