Historic Loudon Tennessee

Historic Loudon is a charming little town along the Tennessee River with an easy-to-walk downtown area filled with quaint shops, good food and friendly faces. Whether you’re stopping for ice cream, looking for a special gift, or discovering the area’s deep heritage, Loudon will make you feel welcome and relaxed. While it’s less than 30 minutes from Knoxville, this scenic mall town remains a long way from big-city hustle and bustle. Come enjoy history, hospitality and Southern charm in historic downtown Loudon.

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Latitude: 35.7414356 Longitude: -84.3367624 Elevation: 786 ft
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About this Establishment

A Unique Heritage

Historic Loudon has a deep and interesting past tracing back to the late 1700’s when settlers first built homes on the banks of the Tennessee River. The busiest part of early Loudon was the waterfront, where steamboats lined the wharf to load and unload cargo. Around 1817, James Blair and family begin controlling traffic across the river. They dubbed the community Blair’s Ferry, which would eventually become the town of Loudon. The small town consisted only of a steamboat landing, a store and a few houses.

The town grew with the arrival of the railroad in the 1850’s and was renamed Loudon in 1852. The Loudon Railroad Bridge became a key strategic objective during the Civil War. Loudon was chosen as the seat of county government in the 1870’s and you can visit the beautiful County Courthouse right in the middle of town.

We invite you to take our self-guided Walking Tour of Historic Loudon to see the significant architecture and symbols of our past and learn the stories of the men and women who shaped the future. Loudon is a stop on the Civil War Trail of Tennessee and the Appalachian Quilt Tour.

Come enjoy the unique heritage of historic downtown Loudon.

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1817 to Present

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How to Get There

Take Exit 72 or Exit 76 off of Interstate 75 and follow sign to city center.


We lived in Loudon for only one year. I worked at the Charmichael Inn. We were fortunate to lease a fantastic townhome right on the river! It was a very special year in my life...Loudon Tennessee is truly a special town.

Michelle Wright, 7/9/2014

Contrary to the picture the writer is trying to paint, there was no busy wharf in 1817. The first steamboat to go past Blairs Ferry was in 1828. Loudon was not a town until the 1850’s.

J. P. Parker, 12/24/2017

Loudon was founded in 1850. Sure there were a few European families on the Lenior City side of the river. Fact: Loudon was not a town until 1850. Blairs Ferry was a post office. During the early 1800's every wide spot in the road had a post office. Loudon just was not there. There was no town.

Facts, 1/28/2018

Loudon was to in 1817 my granny said she remembered her daddy talk about fighting the Indians near the jiffy mart an seeing tepees all over till they won and started town or history is deep and rich my family been in Loudon since the start.

Jamie Russell, 3/2/2018

I have been trying to find information on a William Caves and Gabriel Caves. Gabriel arrived in 1813. He and William were witnesses in the famous Pathkiller case. I'm planning a trip there in early July to do research. Any help would be most welcome. Cstormcc@gmail.com Thank You

Dianne Caves Carman, 3/19/2018

I moving to Tennessee from South Florida and looking to open business in the downtown area. What type of store is needed? I would love to have the locals input.

Linda, 5/2/2019

Does anyone know the exact location of the old Ludi Hotel in Loudon? I have been told it was the site of the Frank Ramsey Hospital during the Civil War. Loudon was actually in Monroe county during that time. Thanks in advance.

Jeanne , 8/9/2019

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