Jesse Owens Memorial Park

The Jesse Owens Memorial Park, located in Oakville, Ala., honors the life and accomplishments of the Olympic sprinter and gold medalist and has a mission to educate the public of the legacy of his contributions to athletics and humankind.  See how one man captured the attention of the world during the 1936 Olympic games at the Jesse Owens Memorial Park.  Track star Jesse Owens, who captured four gold medals in the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, is honored in his hometown with a statue, museum, home replica, a 1936 torch replica and a long jump pit to tests one’s ability in reaching his gold medal distance of 26 feet 5 5/16 inches. 

Born in 1913 in Oakville, Ala., Jesse Owens captured four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin overcoming racial and socioeconomic barriers. In 1955, he was named Ambassador of Sports by President Eisenhower and toured the world promoting the virtues of amateur programs.

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Latitude: 34.437743 Longitude: -87.169561 Elevation: 626 ft
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