Joppa Mountain Pottery Gallery

Ann and McDonald Crosby and Selbie Shane Fowler
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Latitude: 36.239513 Longitude: -83.619696 Elevation: 942 ft
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Ann Crosby


Master Potter McDonald Crosby and his wife Ann started Joppa Mountain Pottery in 1995 as a family affair. McDonald, an accomplished student of fine art, has been creating pottery for more than 30 years. Ann has a 20-year background in ceramics and her son, Shane, is becoming an accomplished potter as well, specializing in hand-built pieces and the Raku process.

Joppa Mountain Pottery has a growing reputation with collectors and galleries all over the world. Our award-winning work has been featured several times on Home and Garden Television (HGTV), on PBS and in Country Marketplace Magazine to name just a few.

We are known for our Stoneware and Raku Pottery. Each piece is either wheel-thrown or hand-sculpted and then decorated, carved, painted, glazed and kiln fired using our own hands. All glazes are hand-mixed and are unique to Joppa Mountain Pottery. Our glazes are recipes we have created and refined and are made from different combinations of 'dirt' from all over the world. We use Chung reds, cobalt blues, earth-toned browns for stoneware glazes and nickel, copper and iron metals in our Raku glazes to name just a few of the ingredients. The beauty of our handmade pottery is that no two pieces are exactly the same, giving it the uniqueness, originality and overall superior quality our customers expect. our guest...come in and browse. We're sure you'll find something you will love!


I first found the beautiful raku Joppa Mountain Pottery at a hardware/gift shop in Knoxville, TN. (I live in Northern CA.) Several years later I had the distinct joy of visiting the Joppa Mountain Pottery Gallery in person--our group was treated like family, like honored guests, like old friends. We toured the facility (even though a bad storm had come through a couple days previously and there was no electricity in the region!!), Ann and her husband kindly showed us all around the property. I have since been a long-distance customer, and I have been thrilled with each piece I have purchased either for myself, or for a gift. I look forward to the coming of each holiday so I can once again display my treasures from Joppa Mountain Pottery.

Millie Crawford, 9/19/2016

Have brought and contacted many to visit the pottery. All are are always impressed with the unique workmanship if the large variety of pottery found there. You are made to feel welcome and educated on their process of making the pottery.I treasure each piece in my collection and look forward to adding more.And always enjoy the time spent with Mac and Anne.

Gayle Davis, 9/20/2016

When I remodeled my kitchen I left the doors off on 3 of the cabinets so I could display all the beautiful dishes that I have bought over the years at Joppa Mountain Pottery. They are too nice to be hidden away! We use them daily, they are not just for decoration. Such a joy! Thank you Ann and McDonald!

Ortru Hoffman, 9/20/2016

Great place to visit. Fun Art Pottery. Ann and MacDonald are the best.

Sharon Maddix, 9/20/2016

I have visited here and was amazed. Beautiful pieces to admire and TONS of info shared. I highly recommend visiting- you'll be back.

Kathy Lysin, 9/20/2016

Beautiful pottery. Owners are true artists and take the time to share their craft. I even took my grandkids and they loved getting to see how pottery is made! Beautiful mountain, too.

Cynthia Dixon, 9/21/2016

Joppa Pottery is such a fun place to visit. It is very rustic. A cabin in the woods. Lots of beautiful hand made pottery both beautiful and art pottery. Ann and MacDonald are always are helpful whether you are looking for pottery or learning about pottery. Their pottery is always hand made either on the wheel or hand built. You will love going there.

Sharon Maddix, 9/21/2016

We LOVE McDonald and Ann!!! They've done special projects for us to use with our skin care products and also personal dinnerware for when we first moved to TN. They are great people and friends!

Darian Denman Rolling Meadows Goats Milk Skin Care, 9/30/2016

Ann and McDonald are just the best.We haven't met personally yet, as I live in the Pacific Northwest. Ann and McDonald have made some of my needed pottery from pots feet to bird bowls for my pet cockatoos. The bowls were a specific size to fit inside a small ring. They are beautiful! Thank you, Ann and McDonald. I can't wait until we can finally meet and I can you give you that big hug!

Jan , 9/30/2016

Love my JMP!!!

Stacey, 9/30/2016

Joppa Mountain Pottery is an amazing place!! Beautiful pottery, super sweet folks and an atmosphere that is inviting and relaxing. These folks are such talented artists and so down to earth. I love every piece I’ve gotten at Joppa Mtn., both for gifts and myself.

Cynthia Dixon, 9/30/2016

Going to Joppa Mountain Pottery is a must when I’m in Tennessee. I have a vase, angels, snowmen and awesome Halloween figures from there. Ann and McDonald always welcome me with open arms. It is as if we are kindred spirits. I love Joppa Mountain Pottery!

Amy Hill Marshall, 5/22/2017

Joppa Mountain Pottery is a storybook place. The Owners make you feel welcome and you leave with a warm feeling of love and friendship. The Pottery is by far some of the best I have ever purchased. I love Joppa Mountain Pottery and will continue to purchase.

Sandy Ammons, 4/23/2018, 4/23/2018

This is a true gem! We went on a wet stormy day and pulled up not knowing what to expect. While driving down the driver way you see open air buildings with shelves of beautiful pottery and pieces. Upon parking they had a box hanging up that it was an honor system, we were shocked but got out of car. As we started browsing a door swung opened and a friendly dog and a very tall lengthy kind soul stepped out and greeted us. It was like we knew him for years. So knowledgeable and giving so much to us with his pottery wisdom and funny jokes along the way. He even started up his wheel and made a mug so my daughter could see it , I enjoyed this very well myself as I had never seen it done before. Truly a diamond in the rough and worth the drive.

Elizabeth sowers Farragut Tennessee , 1/19/2019

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