Lime Kilns

Lime production began in the 1880s and continued until the 1940s.  Today only remnants of Houston County's limestone industry exist, with the old quarry and cliff creating a scenic setting perfect for a picnic spot.

On the south side of Highway 49 are two large pyramidal stone structures, known as the Twin Limekilns, erected about 1871. By 1883, these two lime kilns were producing 60,000 barrels of lime per year and employing about 100 men. Lime production played a significant role in the early economy of Houston County.

About a block north is Quarry Limekiln, one of three lime kilns surviving in Erin.  Houston County was a center for the production of lime, which was used in construction and for agricultural purposes.  This kiln began operations about 1884 and was part of the largest lime operation in the county.  At one point, the company employed 150 workers.  The kiln continued in use until the 1930s.




Latitude: 36.315799 Longitude: -87.714466 Elevation: 489 ft
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