Little Cedar Mountain Small Wild Area Trail

Little Cedar Mountain Trail is located northwest of Nickajack Dam. In the spring there is a huge variety of wildflowers on the right fork of the loop trail: Twinleaf, stonecrop, larkspur and the fire pink are just a few. Along the way, you can see an old stone wall that at one time stretched several miles along the shoreline. At the overlook, there are fabulous views as well as hoary puccoon, a rare spring-blooming wildflower.

If you decide to take the Pond Trail (1 mile), which takes you on top of Little Cedar Mountain, you will discover a wetland forest pond that does not support fish but does support amphibians. Expect to see frogs and salamanders and insects, like dragonflies, that lay eggs in water.

Amenities: parking, hiking, camping

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Latitude: 35.030727 Longitude: -85.581417 Elevation: 683 ft


Vertical Gain or Loss


Trail Distance

LCM- 3 mile loop

Eco-Friendly Notes

TVA is a partner of Leave No Trace and requests that visitors follow Leave No Trace practices.

ADA Accessibility Notes

No ADA accessibility available

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash no longer than 6-feet. TVA is a partner of Leave No Trace and requests that visitors follow Leave No Trace practices, including picking up after your pet.

How to Get There

Take exit 158 on I-24 about 25 miles west of Chattanooga, TN and turn left.


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