Lookout Mountain Pottery

The home of Lookout Mountain Pottery has been a local reference point for Southern Appalachian arts and crafts since 1947, when Fannie Mennen, a local print maker, founded the Plum Nelly Clothesline Art Show. Featuring local artists and craftspeople, the show is an historical footnote now. Today, potter Mark Issenberg has returned to contribute to that former inspiration.

Mark Issenberg creates fine ash-glazed stoneware near Plum Nelly where he first studied ceramics as a young man under the legendary potter, Charles Counts.

Later, Mark went on to receive a degree in Fine Arts and served the City of Hialeah, Florida for eighteen years as a fire fighter. Always maintaining a close relationship with fire, upon retirement Mark returned to the source of his greatest influence and inspiration. Today, Mark is an award-winning potter. His functional and decorative pieces are widely exhibited throughout the Southeast.

Mark is a member of the newly formed Georgia Clay Council (GCC), whose mission is "dedicated to meeting the needs of clay artists and potters of Georgia by providing the opportunities and environment for cultural and educational growth." He is also a long term member of Potters Council and member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild


Latitude: 34.79273 Longitude: -85.4944599 Elevation: 2001 ft
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No need to make an appointment to come visit the gallery, "come on in" we are always open. Mark's pottery is great for everyday use and he has begun making face jugs in the tradition of Georgia potters.

Nona Martini, 12/22/2011

I did, "Come On In"!!!!!! Do ya miss me yet*****

Boyd Patterson, 3/20/2016

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