Miners Homecoming

Miners Homecoming is an annual event presented by the City of Ducktown along with others. It combines traditional 4th of July activities with events honoring the heritage of copper mining and the related industries. The venues shift around the town throughout the two days. These range from music, parades, games, reunions and fireworks. Food is available from local organizations and vendors over the two days.

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Latitude: 35.0356276 Longitude: -84.3783045 Elevation: 1842 ft
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Event Dates

7/5/2019 – 7/6/2019

Admission Fee (if any)

No admission fees, but vendors are selling food and crafts.

Ages Festival is Appropriate For


ADA Accessibility Notes

Several of the events are outdoors but a few do take place in Historic buildings where access is limited.

Pet Friendly Notes

Most activities are outdoors but some are inside of venues that do not allow pets.

How to Get There

Ducktown is located in the southeast corner of Tennessee. The town is located at the junction of highways US64 and TN68. We are about 107 miles north of Atlanta, GA and 68 miles east of Chattanooga, TN.


Surely the dates of June 26 2015 -June 27 2015 are wrong.The first Sunday in July is the 5th and the weekend before is the 3rd and 4th. Would this not be the correct weekend?

Marlene Chapman, 3/17/2015

I am so glad that this year it is actually on the 3rd and 4th. of july .we are from out of town and we have to make lodging plans early.I hope this date is correct.

Sue Taylor, 5/9/2015

Apparently not wrong, they are doing it early just for me. I will be there and I hope to see both of you.

Richard Jones, 5/15/2015

The dates are correct

Wendy Hedden, 6/16/2015

Who would have thought the celebration for July 4, would be a week earlier. Nobody is off work. This year we even booked cabins for July 3, and 4 so we wouldn't 'miss anything. Doesn't make sense to me!!!!! Ridiculous

Linda Davenport, 6/18/2015

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