Mystic Falls

Located in Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park, this popular cascading waterfall is located just off Canyon Road. The site was given its name by Jasper and Mary Avery who developed the area for public enjoyment in the 1950’s.

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Latitude: 34.334876 Longitude: -87.925526 Elevation: 844 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

Rock Bridge Canyon Equestrian Park offers over 27 miles of trails taking visitors to scenic waterfalls, a natural rock bridge, overlooks, and breathtaking views. For the adventurous rider, there are challenging trails and there are less challenging trails for a more leisurely ride. While the Park is an equestrian trail, walking and hiking trails are also offered. The one-mile breathtaking hiking trail through the Canyon offers waterfalls, rock formations, natural drinking springs, beautiful plant life and maybe even a few of our native wildlife friends. Our trails are clearly marked with ribbons to help you find your way through. 

Seasons Accessible

Open year-round.


Hiking/Walking trail day fee - $10 per day

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