Nancy Ward Gravesite

Located on Hwy 411, south of Benton, is the gravesite of Nancy Ward, Beloved Woman of the Overhill Cherokees, and her son Five Killer. The graves overlook the lush banks of the Ocoee River.

A statue of Nancy Ward, created by a purported descendant, stood in a cemetery in Grainger County, Tennessee for about 70 years. It disappeared some time in the early 1980s. In January 2006, the missing statue resurfaced as a significant work of American folk art when it was exhibited at the American Antiques Show held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New Yok City. The statue is currently in the possession of an antiques dealer in Maine. It is widely believed that the sculptor (James Abraham Walker) had originally intended the carving to be placed at Nancy Ward's gravesite.

Nancy Ward is not only remembered as an important figure to the Cherokee people but is also considered an early pioneer for women in American politics as she advocated for a woman's voice during a turbulent period in her tribe's history.

On the day she died in 1822, witnesses saw a white light rise from her body.  It took the form of a wolf and then a swan. It fluttered about and then flew off in the direction of her beloved town of Chota. She was the last woman to receive the title of Beloved Woman until the late 20th century.

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Latitude: 35.1642 Longitude: -84.6811 Elevation: 764 ft
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Located on Highway 411 in Benton.


Sacred Ground, symbol of hope. Thank you for including this significant site !

Mary Morrow-Farrell (granddaughter of James Oscar Roach), 8/14/2013

The Sevier Family, of which is am a member plan to visit Nancy Ward's grave site in mid July of next year.

Tom Windle, 12/4/2015

Please join us for the New Markers that will be dedicated March 24,2018

Fred Underdown, 3/19/2018

A lovely place to visit to go back in time. Dedication ceremony was amazing.

Marian Schmidt, Nashville, TN, 4/12/2018

Visited area April 6, 2019. Nancy Ward (Na-ni) - 6 generations Great Grandmother through her daughter Elizabeth Ward. (Nancy married to Bryan Ward). Will seek more info. My maternal grandmother 1/32 Cherokee and my mother 1/64th were in her lineage. Nancy would be 6 generations back from the Reid family of Muskogee Oklahoma.

Randyl (Reid) MacDonald-Johnson, 4/13/2019

I am the 7th generation of Nancy Ward, my name is YolandaGrayson of East Palo Alto California.

Yolanda Grayson , 5/11/2019

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