North Alabama Birding Trail

The North Alabama Birding Trail is not a "trail" in the traditional sense, but a series of mostly roadside stops throughout north Alabama selected for their birdwatching characteristics. While all of the sites can be accessed from a vehicle, many of the sites also have traditional walking trails associated with them; and a few sites contain extensive areas that are best explored by boat or canoe. Indeed, some of the best birding at many sites is achieved by exploring areas away from your vehicle!

The North Alabama Birding Trail is comprised of 50 sites throughout north Alabama.

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Latitude: 34.988409 Longitude: -88.178382 Elevation: 427 ft
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Best Time for Viewing

While excellent birding can be done year-round on the NABT, many sites are best explored seasonally — such as when viewing wintering waterfowl or bald eagles, spring migrating songbirds, or fall migrating hummingbirds.

How to Get There

Please download a Visitor's Map & Guide.

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