Obed Wild and Scenic River Hemlock Forrest

A hike through the woods and forests of the Tennessee River Valley is a living classroom for understanding one of America’s most important ecological river systems.  Learning about the balance of nature and the impacts from outside invaders is about observation of the complex system of plants, animals, and aquatic species.   Today’s Tennessee River Valley was shaped by the regional visioning of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who had studied the writings of the “father of forestry,” Gifford Pinchot.  As the first Chief of the Forest Service, Pinchot’s legacy was protecting the forests long term health for both conservation and recreational use.   Here at the Obed Wild and Scenic River, the hemlocks under siege from an aphid invader.  Learn about how the Park is working to preserve these majestic trees during our visit with Park Ranger, Matt Hudson


Latitude: 36.074143 Longitude: -84.644235
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