Ozone Falls

Ozone Falls is a 43-acre natural area in Cumberland County. It receives heavy visitation because of its close proximity to Interstate 40. Ozone Falls plunges 110 feet over a sandstone cap rock into a deep blue, rock-strewn pool. Fall Creek then disappears underground until it re-emerges several feet downstream. An impressive rock house “amphitheater” can be seen behind the falls that was created over geologic time by wind, water, freeze/thaw, and erosion. Because of its picturesque beauty and easy access, Ozone Falls was selected for filming scenes for the movie “Jungle Book.”

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Latitude: 35.8803446 Longitude: -84.8099792 Elevation: 1570 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
John Hall

Recreational Opportunities

Public access is allowed; parking and hiking trails are provided. Rappelling by the general public is prohibited. Local and county rescue squads may use the area for rescue training by permit only. For permission, contact Cumberland Mountain State Park, or the East Tennessee Natural Areas office.

Seasons Accessible

Year round


One of my favorite places in this area. However, I can barely stand to look over the edge! Beautiful photos too!

Paul Mashburn, 7/19/2011

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