Paul Murray Gallery

International artist Paul Murray brings you back in time and back into a heartfelt experience.
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Latitude: 35.7521546 Longitude: -83.445164 Elevation: 1554 ft
the best travel advice comes from the people who live here
Kati-Jane Murray


Self taught, and showing his art since age 10; Paul Murray fell in love with the people of Appalachia the mountain folks still holding onto their heritage and old time traditions.  The tenacity and wisdom that they share, the isolation from the rest of not just circumstance, sometimes it is by choice.


Paul Murray is talent through and through. His paintings of Joseph, Zoe, Aunt Elizabeth, ’Red' Maples, should be able to answer when spoken to...such realism, such character, such soul! If ever you visit the Smokies and Gatlinburg, TN, don't miss a visit to his studio there...a simple mountain cottage...and, if you're on time, a visit with Red Maples who has more than one story to tell you! Memorable!

Shirley Codner, 5/19/2013

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