Religous Heritage Sites of Southeast Tennessee

Join us in exploring religion in Southeast Tennessee – a story sometimes quiet and sometimes loud, but never simple.  From the clapboard country churches, to the grand temples and sanctuaries, to the roadside preachers and brush arbor revivals we are home to a diverse mix of beliefs and host to major events in world religion.  Our story includes the great Pentecostal revival, the start of the Church of God, the Scopes trial , and the quiet development of great and small congregations. Use this guide as you journey through a myriad of religious heritage sites and discover the heritage and legacy of this unique area.


Latitude: 35.0299964 Longitude: -85.3143311 Elevation: 677 ft


How to Get There

"On the Glory Land Road" Brochure gives detailed directions and descriptions to the religious heritage sites in Southeast Tennessee

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