Revolutionary War Graveyard

The Revolutionary War Graveyard was the original meeting site of Hopewell Presbyterian Church, organized in 1785 as the first church in Jefferson County.  The graveyard contains the remains of early citizens, such as the Inman Brothers, and Revolutionary War veterans. The Hopewell Presbyterian Church, originally a log cabin, was relocated to it’s current location in 1872 but the graveyard remains intact. It is from this church that other notable parts of the region were formed, including Maryville College.

The Revolutionary War Graveyard is the starting point of the Dandridge Historic Walking Tour. The Graveyard is maintained by the Martha Dandridge Garden Club. A brochure is available at the graveyard steps, which provides additional information.


Latitude: 36.0154698 Longitude: -83.4147263 Elevation: 999 ft
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