Ruby Falls' Lantern Tours

This intimate experience allows visitors a rarely seen view deep within Lookout Mountain. Limited sized tours begin with a 260-foot elevator ride into the mountain. Upon arrival, there will be no staged lighting in the cave. Select members of the group will be equipped with a small hand-held electric lantern and the tour guide will have a fueled inspector’s lantern. As your eyes adjust to the low light, you will begin to see remarkable sites, dancing shadows, and feel a sense of mystery looking into the darkened path ahead.

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Latitude: 35.018887 Longitude: -85.339767 Elevation: 1136 ft
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Recreational Opportunities

The Ruby Falls Lantern Tour is not only a visually stimulating experience but it also a storytelling trip. As mysterious shadows dance on underground walls, your guide will share tales of folklore, stories of unexplained phenomena, as well as details on the rich history and geology of the Ruby Falls Cave.

The highlight of the tour is at Ruby Falls, as the waterfall is illuminated through the use of a lantern and pulley system.

Seasons Accessible

8:30pm - 10:30pm
Friday and Saturday Nights - March thru September
Saturday Nights Only - November, January and February

How to Get There

Ruby Falls is conveniently located on Lookout Mountain and is just minutes from downtown Chattanooga. Exits 174, 175, and 178 off Interstate 24 will lead you there.



Pet Friendly Notes

No pets, please.

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