Ruby Falls

Lookout Mountain is widely known for its many unusual geological features. The most unique of which being Ruby Falls, a 145-foot underground waterfall located more than 1,120 feet beneath the mountain’s surface. The fascinating story of the formation of Lookout Mountain, the Ruby Falls cave and Ruby Falls itself is told by the rocks that formed each of these wonders.

On your way, enjoy the many geological wonders located throughout the cave such as stalagmites and stalactites. Look over your shoulder and you may see a bat perched upside down.

Guided tours are scheduled on a regular basis. After your tour, be sure and take in the many scenic views from the top of the Lookout Mountain Tower or a visit to Ruby Falls ZIPstream Aerial Adventure. A visit to the course allows you to view Chattanooga from the tree tops at Ruby Falls! This is the first adventure experience of its type to hit Tennessee! This challenge is made up of suspended obstacle courses built in trees that include ladders, nets, walkways, bridges, tunnels and zip lines!

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Latitude: 35.018852 Longitude: -85.339252
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Recreational Opportunities

Check out Ruby Falls' calendar for special events each month such as:

  • Lantern Tours
  • Romance at Ruby
  • Photo at the Falls
  • Racing at Ruby
  • Football at the Falls
  • Haunted Cavern
  • Deck the Falls
  • Ruby Red Christmas
  • Discovery Day

Seasons Accessible

Ruby Falls is open year round.

How to Get There

Ruby Falls is conveniently located on Lookout Mountain and is just minutes from downtown Chattanooga. Exits 174, 175, and 178 off Interstate 24 will lead you there.


$9.95-$17.95; $19.95-$34.95

ADA Accessibility Notes

Ruby Falls is a locally and private/family owned company. 

Pet Friendly Notes

Free Kennels are available for guests taking the cave tour. Pets are welcome anywhere on the outdoors on site.

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