The Bald Headed Bistro

Experience fine western dining in the heart of the south!  This locally owned, one of kind restaurant offers a unique and delicious dining experience. 

The logs used to build the restaurant are from the Crescent H Ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The tree trunk segments were salvaged from downed trees damaged during the Green Knolls Forest Fire in 2000. It was during the clearing process that the new owner, Allan Jones of Cleveland, Tennessee, salvaged the trees to utilize in the construction of his new restaurant. The Bald Headed Bistro is comprised of 283 logs, located both inside and outside the restaurant.

The fossils used at the Bistro are of a species believed to be from the Eocene Period. They are thought to be over 55 million years old. These rare and beautiful stones, which show the skeletal remains of fish and other ocean life, are inlaid in the floors and walls of the Bistro. They can also be found at the warm, rustic bar.

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Latitude: 35.160961 Longitude: -84.882417 Elevation: 828 ft
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Hours Open

Open at 4:30 p.m. Monday - Saturday

Price Style for this Establishment

Fine Western Dining

ADA Accessibility Notes

fully accessible

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