The Cumberland Trail State Scenic Tail

The Cumberland Trail State Scenic Hiking Trail is a 200 mile hiking trail starts with the northern section at the Cumberland Gap to the southern at Signal Mountain down in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I learned the Cumberland Trail State Scenic Hiking Trail is open and free to the public covers a wide range of terrain from woods to city streets. In fact, I walked the trail right down the city streets in Wartburg, Tennessee. However, it’s the natural trails from the mountain tops to valleys below that I found to be breathtaking and allowed me to experience the natural beauty of the trail.

Learn more about the trail from Park Ranger Ingram.  This video was filmed in Wartburg, TN, the only trail town.  Learn more here: 


Latitude: 36.298968 Longitude: -84.223261 Elevation: 1135 ft
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