Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area

Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area provides designated trails for OHV riding and Self-Service Camping. Centrally located inside Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area in Western Kentucky and Tennessee, Turkey Bay offers a variety of topography and trails for everyone. The area consists of approximately 100 miles of primary, secondary, and tertiary trails for many different levels of OHV riding.

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Latitude: 36.750822 Longitude: -88.069982 Elevation: 400 ft

Trail Difficulty

Moderate - Some sections of trail require trail skill and experience

Trail Distance

100 miles of primary, secondary and tertiary trails

Trail Rules and Restrictions

Always “Call Before You Haul” (800-525-7077 or 270-924-2000) or check Alerts online at www.landbetweenthelakes.us

If the gatehouse is not staffed, you must get your riding permit at Golden Pond Visitor Center. Camping registration is self-service at the information kiosk in front of the gatehouse. For faster registration, please print and fill out the 2017 Turkey Bay OHV Area Registration and Liability Waiver Form. Bring the form to either Turkey Bay OHV Area Gatehouse or Golden Pond Visitor Center to register.

Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Area provides designated trails for OHV riding and Self-Service Camping. Centrally located, Turkey Bay offers a variety of topography and trails for everyone. The area consists of approximately 100 miles of primary, secondary, and tertiary trails for many different levels of OHV riding.

Camping areas– Two-24 hour generator areas, chemical toilets, and drinking water are available.

All riders must sign a liability waiver. By signing, registrants agree to obey all rules and regulations posted at Turkey Bay OHV Area and on Land Between The Lakes’ literature and website.

The permit holder is responsible for all uses of the registered vehicle, ensuring it is operated in a safe and prudent manner at all times.

Trails close if the ground is saturated to prevent resource damage.

Always “Call Before You Haul” (800-525-7077 or 1-270-924-2000) or check Alerts online. 


  • You are responsible for your own safety. Trail use has inherent risks and you may encounter a variety of unexpected and dangerous conditions. It is your responsibility to be informed and take precautions.
  • Ride at your own risk; know your limits.
  • Follow safety practices recommended by the AMA and ASI — wear heavy shoes, protective clothing, shatterproof eyewear, and substantial helmets.
  • Use caution while unloading and while riding in camping areas.
  • Trails have two-way traffic. For safety, drive with headlights on.
  • Be aware of our emergency helicopter landing zone and do not park in its borders, denoted by white boundary markers.
  • Hunting small game, archery (deer), and other activities also occur in the OHV area. Be aware of and courteous to other users on and off the trail at all times.
  • Refer to the bulletin boards at our gatehouse for additional information and emergency procedures.

Rules and Regulations

  • All users are required to wear DOT approved motorcycle safety helmets while vehicles are in operation. Exceptions include vehicles with a fully enclosed metal cab or roll bar protection and functioning seatbelts.
  • Operators and passengers of motorized vehicles must use a fastened seatbelt while the vehicle is in use. Exceptions include motorcycles and ATVs.
  • Riding passengers on OHVs not designed by the manufacturer to carry passengers is prohibited. (36 CFR 261.55b) Passengers can ride in vehicles built by the manufacturer to carry passengers; the vehicle must have an enclosed metal cab or roll bar protection and seatbelts. No aftermarket add-ons.
  • Anyone under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian’s signature to ride.
  • We require direct parental or adult supervision for all persons under the age of 16 years operating an OHV. (KY Revised Statute 189.515)
  • No person under age 16 may operate an ATV with an engine size exceeding 90cc displacement. No person under age 12 may operate an ATV with an engine size exceeding 70cc displacement. (KY State Law 189.515)
  • Law Enforcement or Turkey Bay staff reserves the right to revoke riding privileges of any rider if misuse or inappropriate behavior occurs.
  • All users must enter and exit Turkey Bay by way of FS Road #167 off Woodlands Trace. All other accesses are prohibited.
  • Kentucky state law prohibits public consumption of alcohol.
  • Operate OHVs from sunrise to sunset only. We post legal riding hours at the gatehouse daily.
  • All OHVs must be registered with Land Between the Lakes before use in Turkey Bay OHV Area. The permit sticker must be properly displayed on the registered vehicle at all times. Permits are not transferable between machines. When the gatehouse is staffed, permits may be obtained there. When the gatehouse is not staffed, riders must obtain a permit from the Golden Pond Visitor Center during their normal business hours.
  • No exhibition riding will be permitted.
  • All vehicles and operators must be in compliance with all state and federal laws.
  • OHVs must have properly functioning spark arresters and mufflers. Noncompliance will result in removal of permit and riding privileges.
  • Respect closed restoration areas that are closed to riding at all times. Responsible riding ensures future riding.
  • Operating a vehicle in a manner that damages, mutilates, or removes any natural feature or other property is prohibited (36 CFR 261.9 a and b). This includes mudding, mud bogging, or creation of new trails.
  • Stay on designated trails. If a trail is not marked, it is not a legal trail.
  • Users must remain within the boundaries of Turkey Bay OHV Area. The waters edge serves as the western boundary.
  • Only “street legal” OHVs, as defined by Kentucky statutes, may be operated on Forest Service roads outside Turkey Bay and then only on numbered roads. For more information on legal roads, see our 2017 Motor Vehicle Use Map (MVUM) and 2017 Motor Vehicle Use Map FAQ.
  • Golf Carts are not permitted in Turkey Bay OHV Area.
  • Amphibious ATVs
  • There is only one legal point of entrance and exit for personal water craft and amphibious ATVs at Land Between the Lakes in Turkey Bay OHV Area. You will find this point depicted on the Turkey Bay OHV Area Map.
  • To enter or exit land and water, you must go back to the designated launch point.
  • All users of this landing are required to register their OHV at the Turkey Bay Gatehouse via Road 167 immediately upon arriving at Turkey Bay.
  • Only ATVs made by the manufacturer to be operated as an amphibious ATV may enter the water. All Rules and Regulations apply to amphibious ATVs when operated in Turkey Bay OHV Area.
  • The lakeside boundary fluctuates with the summer and winter pool lake levels. The waters edge serves as the western boundary to Turkey Bay.

Route Markers
All trails are two-directional.

Primary Trails | Yellow Blaze
These maintained trails offer novice riders pleasant, less-challenging riding opportunities.

Secondary Trails | Orange Blaze
These narrow and more challenging trails serve as connectors between primary trails.

Tertiary Trails | Blue Blaze
The narrowest and most challenging trails serving as connectors between both primary and secondary trails.

Challenge Areas | Red Rings
These trails offer our most difficult trails. These are typically 2-10 acres of steep, washed-out hill climbs. Although individual trails within our Challenge Areas will not be marked, boundaries are marked by red rings on the trees. Only ride on trails already disturbed.

Youth Turkey Trot Trail
A 1/2 mile kids’ riding and learning trail is available in the flat, wooded area near May’s Cemetery. The entire area is fenced off and incorporates many fundamental obstacles for beginning riders like small rocks and logs, sharp turns, uphill/downhill/side hill challenges, and whoop-dee-doo’s. Help build your child’s confidence; teach basic trail riding techniques on Turkey Trot Trail.

Turkey Trot Rules and Regulations

Only riders 16 years or under are allowed.
Helmets must be worn at all times. We recommend wearing protective safety gear such as gloves, boots, eye protection, and body armor.
Direct supervision is mandatory at all times.
We encourage parents or legal guardians to walk the trail with young riders.
Only ATVs and dirt bikes 90cc or less are allowed on the trail. No go-carts.
A Turkey Bay riding permit is required for all vehicles.
Obey 10 mph speed limit. This trail is not a race track
Trail traffic is ONE WAY. Stay on the marked trail and follow the arrows.
No camping in the kids’ riding area.


Trailhead Access and Parking

All users must enter and exit Turkey Bay by way of FS Road #167 off Woodlands Trace. All other accesses are prohibited.

How to Get There

From Murray Kentucky - travel east on Highway 68/80. Take the Woodlands Trace exit toward Dover, Tennessee. Turkey Bay is approximately 3 miles south.

From Dover, Tennessee - travel north on the Woodlands Trace National Scenic Byway approximately 20 miles north.

80 Turkey Creek Road
Golden Pond, KY 42211
Information: Visitor Center 270-924-2233

GPS Coordinates:
W 88° 4’ 17.57”
N 36° 45’ 2.40”

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