Wells Creek Basin Meteor Strike

A state historical marker on the west side of the road tells the story of the Wells Creek Basin Meteor Strike, where a meteor or comet struck with the force of an atomic explosion 95 to 320 million years ago.  It blasted out a crater approximately four miles across. Conical fractures called ”shatter cones” occurred in the rock directly below the impact.  Most of the crater eroded away long ago, along with at least 500 feet of rock, but the two-mile rift on the border of Houston and Stewart counties can still be traced.


Latitude: 36.382846 Longitude: -87.663887 Elevation: 312 ft
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To view this geologic structure, follow Cumberland City Highway / SR 149 South, just North of Cumberland City after crossing the Cumberland River; or the meteor crater's edge can be seen from Highway 149 east of Erin. 

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