Whites Creek Small Wild Area Trail

The Whites Creek Small Wild Area is located along the Whites Creek embayment of Watts Bar Reservoir in Rhea County, TN. The Small Wild Area designation refers to locations on TVA managed public lands with exceptional natural and scenic values. These areas are managed by TVA for the protection of these natural features and wildlife as well as low-impact recreational opportunities such as hiking, bird watching, and nature photographing.

Whites Creek is a 171 acre area that is composed of dry sawback ridgetops with stands of pine and chestnut oak. Moist coves of beech and maples can be found at lower elevations. This area is noted for spring wildflowers displays including trout lily, dolleyes, and wild ginger.

The Whites Creek Small Wild Area contains scenic, moderately steep three-mile loop trail. The trail begins along the shoreline and continues along the ridgetops overlooking the reservoir. Hikers walk through mixed hardwood and pine forest that feature spring-fed streams and shallow bays.

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Latitude: 35.75896 Longitude: -84.76466 Elevation: 925 ft


Vertical Gain or Loss


Trail Distance

3 mile loop

Eco-Friendly Notes

TVA is a partner of Leave No Trace and requests that visitors follow Leave No Trace practices.

ADA Accessibility Notes

No ADA accessibility available.

Pet Friendly Notes

Pets are welcome but must be kept on a leash no longer than 6-feet. TVA is a partner of Leave No Trace and requests that visitors follow Leave No Trace practices, including picking up after your pet.

How to Get There

Directions: From Interstate 40, take the Westel Road exit to Hwy 70 south, turn right on Hwy 27/29 south to Roddy. Turn left onto Roddy Road and follow the signs to the TWRA boat ramp where the trailhead is located.



Very confusing trail. There is alot of blazes that have been grayed out and a trail arrow marker that has been grayed out. This gives the impression that you are going wrong. Alot of red X’s on trees with dots around the x. The sign at the head trail says 2.3 mile loop. We did not look this up online before we went there, it was a last minute hike, therefore we thought the total trail was 2.3 miles. Not a trail to get to the trail, then start counting your miles. This place needs a trail map posted at the parking lot and better blazes.

Pamela Debes, 3/8/2015

Please visit our webpage for future updates on our trails. https://www.tva.gov/Environment/Recreation/TVA-Trails

TVA, 4/8/2016

The trail is poorly marked and it’s very easy to veer off quite a bit before realizing you've wandered off. White as well as white/black blaze mark - very confusing because at the trailhead, it specifies to follow the white blaze marks so I thought I jumped onto a different trail than the loop. Red marks on trees added to the confusion. All water sources, except for the reservoir, are bone dry. This trail felt much longer than 3 miles but it could be because I continuously veered off the trail in between markers - the trail does not appear to be used often so the path isn't always visible. Elevation was steep in some areas which is probably why it is considered a moderate hike.

Angie, 4/17/2016

Is deer hunting allowed in this area? Whites Creek trail is temporarily closed due to road closure leading to the trailhead.

Chris, 12/5/2018

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