Wildwater-Ocoee River Basin Canopy Tours

After over 40 years in the outdoor industry, Wildwater has partnered with Adventure America Zipline Canopy Tours and now has added a zipline experience at each of their rafting centers. The Ocoee River Basin Canopy tour is laid out over 14 acres and has 9 zip sections and three swinging bridges which highlights the vast history and beauty of this once barren landscape. 

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Latitude: 35.0298822 Longitude: -84.3930835 Elevation: 1592 ft
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Areas of Service and Expertise

Wildwater has been taking guests and travelers down rivers and on adventures since 1971. Wildwater has chosen CDI to design and build the zipline Canopy Course at the Ocoee River Basin. Over 35 years building challenge and ropes courses makes CDI the logical choice for a quality zipline experience. Rangers are trained through CDI and each Ranger carries a minimum of first aid and CPR certification.

Types of Experiences and Trips Provided

The Canopy Tour provides each "flyer" with state-of-the-art equipment including helmet, full body harness, trolley, gloves, tether lines and two Rangers accompany each group of 10. Beginning with a ground school, the group then continues to the canopy course and the trip takes about 2 hours in and through the trees.

Eco-Friendly Notes

Wildwater believes and practices sustainable tourism, we have an aggressive green program with biofuel vehicles, solar panels and more,

ADA Accessibility Notes

As appropriate, certain trips can be suitable for adventurers with disabilities. All buildings are built to ADA accessible guidelines.


An awesome tree canopy tour...guides were well trained and very knowledgeable in the history of the area...10 Thumbs Up!!!

Jan Beck, 8/11/2011

What an Adventure! Wildwater's staff was both personable and professional. We have also heard rave reviews from our guests who have utilized Wildwater's facilities as well.

Bryan McMillian - Mountain Escapes Cabin Rentals, 8/12/2011

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