Tennessee River Valley Geotourism Stewardship Council

The Stewardship Council serves as the steering committee and editorial board for the Geotourism MapGuide. It is comprised of volunteers from across the 7 State region.


Tonya Blades     Tennessee River Trails Association
Theresa Cutshall     Tishomingo County Developmental Foundation MS
Tiffany Foster     Tennessee Valley Authority
Julie Graham     Middle East Tennessee Tourism Council
Karin Landers     Visit Humphrey County TN
Anthony Luke     Dalton Georgia CVB
Rene Lance     South Central Tennessee Tourism Association
Garry Mason     Northwest Tennessee Tourism Association
Becky Nave     Virginia Tourism Corporation
Alicia Phelps     Northeast Tennessee Tourism Association
Tami Reist     Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association
Jenni Veal     Southeast Tennessee Tourism Association
Jennifer Wheatley     Friends of Land Between the Lakes
Melea Hames     Social Media Editor-TRV
Angie Pierce     Portal Editor- TRV
Susan Jones     Western Region Specialist- TRV


Learn more about Geotourism at NationalGeographic.com/Geotourism